Tungsten Darts Barrel Advantage

tungsten darts barrel picture

There are many different darts to choose from, such as wooden darts, brass darts, nickel/silver darts and tungsten darts.

The most popular dart for dart league throwers is the tungsten dart because a high-density tungsten dart will resist wear and creates a smaller barrel that allows tighter groupings of darts. On average, a 20 gram tungsten darts barrel will be ½ the size of a 20 gram brass dart which will allow for tighter groupings on the board. This is the reason most of the really good throwers use tungsten darts but if you're just starting out, you won't be throwing tight groupings anyway, regardless of the dart you're using.

Brass and nickel/silver darts are cheaper and made from softer metals and thus the knurling can wear down quickly from skin oils, friction and contact from other darts.